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Lori's Mobile Notaries, LiveScan & Vin Verifier Specialists are always available, experienced and professional. Lori's is one of Santa Barbara’s leading mobile notary public, our on-demand Mobile Notary & LiveScan services are comprehensive and we bring experience, reliability, and professionalism to the table.

Mobile Notary Services in Santa Barbara

We provide Mobile Notary Services in Goleta, Santa Barbara, Montecito, and Carpinteria 7 days a week. Our Notary Specialists are available before, during, and after office hours and on the weekends. Lori's Mobile Notary & Fingerprinting has over 20 years of Notary experience in the Santa Barbara and surrounding areas. We visit multiple businesses, residences, and care facilities on a daily basis. Our Mobile Notary services are efficient (we don't waste any time) and professional  (did I mention we have over 20 years of experience?). Mobile Notary appointments can be made over the phone or via email. Schedule a Mobile Notary Appointment today!

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Passport Renewal Service

Get ready for spring and summer travelling with our comprehensive Passport Renewal Service. Our Passport Renewal Service includes shipping costs, a new passport photo, your renewal application, and the peace of mind that all of your paperwork is full and complete. Don't miss out on your adventures because you didn't get your passport back in time- an expedited service is available, as well. Come by the office to get started today.

Walk-Ins are welcome Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm. 

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Vin Verification with California Vins

Lori is a California Certified Vin Verifier here in Santa Barbara! Her new business, California Vins provides Vehicle Vin Verification Services in San Louis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura Counties. Vin Verification can be done on Cars, Trucks, Motorhomes, Jet Skis, Boats, Trailers, and more! 

Schedule an appointment to have Lori come to you or drive to Santa Barbara to meet her at the Lori's Mobile Notary & Fingerprinting office. In addition to Vin Verification Services, we can provide you with additional car registration services at the office, as well. 

Visit www.californiavins.com for more information and feel free to call us at 805.881.3272. 

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Mobile Notary Services for Lawyers and Attorneys in Santa Barbara

Lori's Mobile Notary & Fingerprinting has an experienced team of Notary Professionals that have been assisting law firms in Santa Barbara for years. Lawyers who use Lori and her team for Notary Services become regular clients due to the professionalism and ease of the service. 

You can be confident that our Notaries know how to handle unique situations and sensitive paperwork with private information. We are always on time with the right equipment to handle different types of notaries including Acknowledgements and Jurats. 

Become a client of Lori's to ensure a professional quality service when you need it most.

Call Lori's office to book a team member today!

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Our Mobile Notary Services Improve Yours!

Are you a Real Estate Agent or Lawyer? Do you need a notary in your office, meeting space, or at a residential location? We bring our Mobile Notary Service to you by appointment whenever it is best for you and your clients. We know your time and services are important for making a good impression on your clients. With almost 20 years of experience, we are always friendly and professional. When you call us for your mobile notary, you are improving the service you provide to your client by insuring the best and most experienced notary in Santa Barbara. Our Mobile Notary travels from Goleta, Santa Barbara, Monecito, and even Carpinteria. We are available for mobile notary services afterhours and on weekends, also! 

Need to schedule an appointment? Call 805-683-6350 today. 

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What you can expect when you come in for Live Scan Fingerprinting

At Lori's Mobile Notary and Fingerprinting, we are happy to help you with your Live Scan Fingerprinting needs.

Before you come in, get the correct Live Scan form from the person who is requesting you be fingerprinted. You can fill out the middle section of your form at home or in our office. We are here to answer any questions you have when filling out the Live Scan form. Your employer and your Live Scan Specialist will complete the rest of the form for you. You will also need a valid photo ID and a Driver's License is best.

You don't need an appointment. You can walk in anytime Monday-Friday between 10am-5pm.

You can park anywhere along the front of our building when you get here (even though the spots say "Reserved").


When you get here, we can answer any questions you have. Our equipment is set up in a private room for your personal privacy and security. We will ask you to log in and we will use your form and ID to input the correct information into our database. Once we complete your form, we will make you two copies; one is for you and one is for whoever requested your fingerprints. 

We will take all of your fingerprints on our Live Scan machine. There is no need to worry if you have a scar, bandage, amputation, or injury to any of your fingers- we will mark the circumstance appropriately for the DOJ and FBI. 

Once we are done we will electronically submit your fingerprints to the DOJ and FBI if needed. We can collect your payment by cash, check, or credit card. We may also have an account set up with your requester and can bill them directly. A digital or paper receipt can be provided.

Average processing time is 3-7 business days, but in certain instances these times can be even shorter or even longer. Do your due diligence by coming in to be fingerprinting as soon as you can after you are asked to. We keep all of your personal information secure, so you can rest assured that we provide a professional and effective service for you or your employees!

Mobile and In Office Notary Services

Are you in need of a Notary?

We offer you two ways to complete your Notary needs here at Lori's Mobile Notary and Fingerprinting. 

You can come in to our office which is centrally located for all of us living in Santa Barbara, Montecito, and Goleta. It is easy to get to located right off of the El Sueno exit on Calle Real. Call ahead to plan to meet our Notary in the office and enjoy an easy service in our relaxing office environment. Bring your valid photo ID and the paperwork you need the notary for.

We also provide Mobile Notary Services and can travel to you in Santa Barbara, Goleta, Montecito, and Carpinteria. Our Mobile Notary Services make a great impression on your clients and family members. They are professional, friendly, and very efficient. Call to request a Mobile Notary. Our staff is happy to help you.

With over 20 years of Notary experience, our office is the best choice in Santa Barbara for your Notary needs. We look forward to working with you soon!

-Lori's Mobile Notary and Fingerprinting

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Our Business is Growing

We are finishing up another busy week at our office. We are so pleased that our high demand and growing customer base has not hindered our original mission- to serve our community with fast and easy services with little wait time. You can still come into our office anytime Monday-Friday 10am-5pm and enjoy the relaxing environment to complete your Notary, Live Scan, Fingerprinting, Passport, and Vehicle Registration services in an efficient way and avoid long waits and inconvenient appointment times. Customer Service is a high priority to us and as our business grows it will stay our first priority. Thank you for your business time and time again. Remember we now offer Vin Verification services done by a Certified California Vin Verifier as well as Vehicle Registration services which means, yes it's true, you don't have to go to the DMV to wait in line. Our Passport Photos and Renewal services help so many make it to their destination on time and we love being a part of that success. See you in our office or at your next mobile call!

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Passport Renewal Services at Lori's Mobile Notary and Fingerprinting

Time to renew your passport? We can help. Our services are fast and reliable. We have been trusted with passport renewal services in Santa Barbara for over 20 years. You passport photos take seconds to take and minutes to print. We give them to you in a small booklet, so that your passport photos never get lost or damaged. We can even help you apply for a new passport if you have your old passport in your possession, it was issued in the last ten years, and if it was issued when you were age 16 or older. We will help you with mailing your passport and expediting the passport service is necessary. Call us today for more information or stop into our office to start the process. We are happy to help make getting a new passport easy for you, so you can focus on other parts of your life- like where you are going on vacation!

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We Offer Vehicle Registration Services & Vin Verification Services!

Our Vehicle Registration services are fast, easy, and all done in our comfortable, quiet office here in Santa Barbara, California. Avoid the long lines that you would see at the DMV and come anytime Monday-Friday from 10am-5pm for your Vehicle Registration needs. We can help you:

-Renew and Register Vehicle

-Issue and Replace License Plates and Stickers

-Ownership Transfer

-Duplicate Title and Requests

Lori is a California Certified Vin Verifier and can help you with all of your Vin Verification needs! Call Lori today to schedule an appointment. You can come to the office, or better yet, she can come to you. Lori regularly travels to client locations with her mobile service to provide clients with high quality, easy, Vin Verification service!

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Vin Verification Services

We at Lori's Mobile Notary & Fingerprinting are excited to add Vin Verification to our extensive list of trustworthy, quality services. We have been a top choice for notary and fingerprinting services in Santa Barbara for ten years and hold accounts with some of the biggest companies and organizations in town. Now, when you need Vin Verification Services, you can call Lori, a Certified Vin Verifier, here in Santa Barbara. Lori travels to nearby places, as well. All you need to do is call and set up an appointment. We are happy to guide your through the rest to make your Vin Verification experience as smooth, easy, and enjoyable as possible.

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The Whole Fingerprinting Process Explained in 5 Steps

Your fingerprints are unique to you and the only thing someone can't copy that link you to your true identity. Why does your new employer send you for fingerprinting? You've already done fingerprinting, why do you have to be fingerprinted again? How long does fingerprinting take? After fingerprinting, how long does it take to get results?

We make fingerprinting easy. From the moment your hired or apply for a certificate/license to the moment you start your job, this is fingerprinting explained in 5 steps.

1. You are starting a new job (woohoo!) and either your employer or your license holder needs to do a background check. They ask you to get fingerprinted and give you a LiveScan Request Form for your fingerprinting appointment.

2. When you come to our office for fingerprinting, we verify your identity and take your fingerprints. At the time of payment, we send your results to the State and possible the Federal Dept.

3. The State runs your fingerprints against all past records and open cases. The Federal Dept. runs the same across all states. Fingerprinting for your new job ensures that they get the most current results.

4. Results from fingerprinting take an average of 3-7 business days. However, if there is past activity on your record, results from fingerprinting may take longer. Regardless, work load always varies the timing to receive results and fingerprinting results cannot be guaranteed by a certain time.

5. Fingerprinting is a private matter. The only people who will see your results are your employer. They are not allowed to share them with anyone including your future employers which is one of the reasons you may do fingerprinting multiple times.

When you choose Lori's Mobile Notary and Fingerprinting, you are choosing a safe, secure, and efficient process that makes fingerprinting easy!

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Your Fingerprinting Appointment in 3 Easy Steps

At Lori's Mobile Notary and Fingerprinting, we make your experience easy and efficient!
Fingerprinting is painless and, at our office, so is the wait- there isn't one! Walk in any time Monday-Friday 10am-5pm and we will walk you through these 3 easy steps.

1. Fill out your LiveScan Request Form at our office or before you come.

2. Bring your current Driver's License, ID, or Passport to verify your identity.

3. Let us take your fingerprints!

You're done! We accept payment in cash, check, or credit and can of course bill your employer if they have an account set up with us. You will walk away with copies of your LiveScan Request Form for yourself and your requesting agency as well as a receipt for your records or reimbursement. Your fingerprinting results are processed out of office and results from your fingerprinting are sent directly to the requesting agency.

Still have questions about fingerprinting? Give us a call at (805) 683-6350

We are located at 4390 Calle Real #A in Santa Barbara, CA 93110. See you soon!

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