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Lori's Mobile Notaries, LiveScan & Vin Verifier Specialists are always available, experienced and professional. Lori's is one of Santa Barbara’s leading mobile notary public, our on-demand Mobile Notary & LiveScan services are comprehensive and we bring experience, reliability, and professionalism to the table.

What you can expect when you come in for Live Scan Fingerprinting

At Lori's Mobile Notary and Fingerprinting, we are happy to help you with your Live Scan Fingerprinting needs.

Before you come in, get the correct Live Scan form from the person who is requesting you be fingerprinted. You can fill out the middle section of your form at home or in our office. We are here to answer any questions you have when filling out the Live Scan form. Your employer and your Live Scan Specialist will complete the rest of the form for you. You will also need a valid photo ID and a Driver's License is best.

You don't need an appointment. You can walk in anytime Monday-Friday between 10am-5pm.

You can park anywhere along the front of our building when you get here (even though the spots say "Reserved").


When you get here, we can answer any questions you have. Our equipment is set up in a private room for your personal privacy and security. We will ask you to log in and we will use your form and ID to input the correct information into our database. Once we complete your form, we will make you two copies; one is for you and one is for whoever requested your fingerprints. 

We will take all of your fingerprints on our Live Scan machine. There is no need to worry if you have a scar, bandage, amputation, or injury to any of your fingers- we will mark the circumstance appropriately for the DOJ and FBI. 

Once we are done we will electronically submit your fingerprints to the DOJ and FBI if needed. We can collect your payment by cash, check, or credit card. We may also have an account set up with your requester and can bill them directly. A digital or paper receipt can be provided.

Average processing time is 3-7 business days, but in certain instances these times can be even shorter or even longer. Do your due diligence by coming in to be fingerprinting as soon as you can after you are asked to. We keep all of your personal information secure, so you can rest assured that we provide a professional and effective service for you or your employees!

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