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The Whole Fingerprinting Process Explained in 5 Steps

Your fingerprints are unique to you and the only thing someone can't copy that link you to your true identity. Why does your new employer send you for fingerprinting? You've already done fingerprinting, why do you have to be fingerprinted again? How long does fingerprinting take? After fingerprinting, how long does it take to get results?

We make fingerprinting easy. From the moment your hired or apply for a certificate/license to the moment you start your job, this is fingerprinting explained in 5 steps.

1. You are starting a new job (woohoo!) and either your employer or your license holder needs to do a background check. They ask you to get fingerprinted and give you a LiveScan Request Form for your fingerprinting appointment.

2. When you come to our office for fingerprinting, we verify your identity and take your fingerprints. At the time of payment, we send your results to the State and possible the Federal Dept.

3. The State runs your fingerprints against all past records and open cases. The Federal Dept. runs the same across all states. Fingerprinting for your new job ensures that they get the most current results.

4. Results from fingerprinting take an average of 3-7 business days. However, if there is past activity on your record, results from fingerprinting may take longer. Regardless, work load always varies the timing to receive results and fingerprinting results cannot be guaranteed by a certain time.

5. Fingerprinting is a private matter. The only people who will see your results are your employer. They are not allowed to share them with anyone including your future employers which is one of the reasons you may do fingerprinting multiple times.

When you choose Lori's Mobile Notary and Fingerprinting, you are choosing a safe, secure, and efficient process that makes fingerprinting easy!

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